Michael Flynn Denounces Government Of Hate And Lies

general michael flynn cozy with RT

“I could go on and on all day about their behavior, you know, and their lies, flat out lies, and then their spewing of constant hatred, no matter whenever they talk,” said General Michael Flynn.

These sound like the words of someone who is denouncing Donald Trump.

Trump has certainly become known for appalling behavior, such as sexually assaulting women then bragging about it in front of TV cameras while his new wife waits back at home, pregnant with their son.

Trump has also become infamous for his lies. The Toronto Star recently compiled a list of 560 separate lies told by Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

Hatred has become the hallmark of Donald Trump’s political career. He’s repeatedly expressed hatred toward Hispanics, women, African-Americans, disabled Americans, veterans, journalists, protesters, Muslims, and even thespians. The Trump Administration is being packed with people who have close connections to hate groups such as the KKK and National Policy Institute. What’s more, hate crimes have surged in America since the election of Donald Trump, as Trump supporters attack African-Americans, women, immigrants, Muslims, and just about anybody else they identify as a vulnerable target.

Actually, though, in the statement that opens this article, General Flynn was denouncing the government of Iran.

The question is obvious: If Michael Flynn is truly opposed to governments with leaders that exhibit bad behavior, lies, and hatred, what on Earth is he doing joining the government of Donald Trump?