Trump Victory Plunges American Christianity Into Moral Crisis

moral crisis of christian fascists

“In a world in desperate need of truth, goodness, and beauty,” the publication Christianity Today claims that it “strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.”

Truth, goodness, and beauty are the last three words that most people would associate with the incoming President of the United States, Donald Trump. Morally speaking, it is difficult to think of a more reprehensible Presidewnt Elect than Trump.

Donald Trump bragged about his sexual assaults against women, during a time that his own wife was pregnant with his child, claiming that it is the right of politically powerful men to attack women whenever they please.

Donald Trump has encouraged his followers to engage in acts of brutal violence, promising to pay the legal fees of any prosecution that they face. He has pledged to assassinate children, to inflict torture, to order mass executions of his enemies without trial, to bomb cities full of civilians. Economically, Donald Trump has celebrated his history of cheating his partners, breaking his partners, and evading making contributions to society. Trump has argued that it is only right that he should try to get away with being as harsh and stingy as he can, simply because he can. He has cultivated a style of leadership that involves abusing the people under his authority, screaming at them, and insulting them in public.

All of these things were common knowledge during the presidential campaign of 2016. Knowing them, the majority of Christian voters in the United States voted for Donald Trump.

The Pew Research Center documents that the majority of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, voted in favor of Donald Trump and his atrocious assault on basic moral codes in the USA. While secular Americans took a stand against Donald Trump’s immorality, Christians in America largely refused to do so.

What does that say about the character of American Christianity?

Christianity has long argued that it is a force for moral uprightness. This year, however, American Christianity voted to torture. Christianity voted for war. Christianity voted for withholding help to those in need. Christianity voted for sexual assault against women. Christianity voted in favor of the violation of almost every standard of civic morality that we have in the United States of America.

Far from leading the way in moral teachings, Christian churches appear to be contributing to the downfall of moral standards. The Pew study found that the more often Christian Americans attend their churches, the more likely they are to have supported the morally deplorable campaign of Donald Trump.

Hwa Young, bishop of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, has called attention to the shame that American Christianity have brought to their religion by voting for Donald Trump. “The election has done great damage to your moral standing in the eyes of the world,” he says to American Christians.

Peter Kuzmic, a Christian academic in Croatia, worries, “If the president-elect represents Christian values, then those values really mean nothing, and truth and character are out.”

Grace Matthews of the Christian Lausanne Movement in Delhi, India, has declared, “The credibility of the Christian witness was damaged” as a result of widespread American Christian support of Donald Trump.

Greg Thompson of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia observes, “Many, many conservative Christian Americans have said, ‘We don’t really care about personal virtue that much.’”

As the USA moves toward the winter holiday season, one group of anti-Trump social activists notes that few people will be in the mood to hear Christians who voted for Donald Trump sing carols about “Peace on Earth” or “goodwill to men”.

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