Democratic Party bumper stickers for more liberal democrats

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Look no further for bumper stickers supporting good liberal Democratic Party candidates and causes... and car decals excoriating the not-so-hot Blue Dog Democrats to shape up and get with the program! Put one of these stickers on your car bumper in a call for Democrats to come together around a strong progressive platform.
Democrats Against Jim Matheson bumper sticker
This year, Democrats are joining forces against Congressman Jim Matheson, because we're tired of all this Blue Dog nonsense. [more]

48 Pennsylvania for Obama Lapel Stickers
Just in time for the Pennsylvania Democratic presidential primary, we've got this new set of Pennsylvania for Obama lapel... [more]

Support Public Education in Kansas (sticker)
Support Public Education in Kansas: Vote Democratic (bumper sticker) [more]

Independents for Obama Bumper Sticker
Political independents support Barack Obama because Senator Obama supports the voice of the individual voter, not the Democratic... [more]

Hawaii Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it with pride: you're a Hawaii Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Maurice Hinchey Speaks for Me bumper sticker
Maurice Hinchey is the progressive Democratic congressman from Ithaca, New York. Put this pro-Hinchey bumper sticker on your... [more]

Democrats Against Tim Johnson bumper sticker
Democrats are against Senator Tim Johnson in the 2008 reelection campaign because Senator Johnson voted for big government... [more]

Progressive Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it with pride: you're a Progressive Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Pennsylvania Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

California Democrat Bumper Sticker
Never mind the cruel budget cuts from the Republicans who have taken over California. You're a California Democrat - let... [more]

Democrats Against Jay Rockefeller bumpersticker
Democrats are against Senator Jay Rockefeller because Senator Rockefeller has betrayed the Democratic Party over and over... [more]

Kentucky Democrat Bumper Sticker
I'm sick of Republican politicians thinking that they own Kentucky, like they speak for the whole state. Buck the bandwagon... [more]

Proud Parent of a Young Democrat (sticke
Proud Parent of a Young Democrat (bumper sticker with a picture of a donkey on it) [more]

Vote Freedom Go Democrat Bumper Sticker
Vote for Freedom, not Fear. Go Democrat! [more]

Oval Florida Democrat bumper sticker
This dramatic political design captures the energy of kick ass Florida Democrats as the blue Democratic Party donkey leaps... [more]

Democrats Against Mary Landrieu bumper sticker
Democrats are sick and tired of watching Senator Mary Landrieu vote with the Republican Party on every single issue that... [more]

Democrat: Liberty and Justice bumper sticker
Kicking Donkey Democrat: Liberty and Justice for All! (Democratic Party bumper sticker) [more]

Atheist Democrat Bumper Sticker
Some people may be afraid of identifying themselves as atheist Democrats, but not you. Use this atheist Democrat bumper sticker... [more]

Kansas Democrat bumper sticker
Spread the word of the Kansas Democrats with this bumper sticker featuring the immediately recognizable icon of the Democratic... [more]

Freedom not Fear Democrat Bumper Sticker
While the Republicans try to make voters more afraid, the Democrats work to protect Americans' freedoms so that we do not... [more]

Dakota Democrat Bumper Sticker
Let your neighbors know who you are -- Dakota Democrat through and through. (Bumper Sticker) [more]

Progressive Democrats for Barack Obama
Progressive Democrats support Barack Obama for President in 2008 with this blue bumper stickers and their votes in the state... [more]

Oval Oregon Democrat bumper sticker
This oval bumper sticker grabs attention with the dramatic kicking of the feisty blue Democratic donkey. It's that kick ass... [more]

Kansas Democrat Oval Bumper Sticker
The fighting donkey of the Democratic Party on this bumper sticker identifies you as a Kansas Democrat, with a new kick ass... [more]

West Virginia Democrat Bumper Sticker
The Mountain State of West Virginia is home to the nation's greatest tradition of Democratic voters. Be part of the return... [more]

If Kent Conrad is a Real Democrat car sticker
If Kent Conrad is a Real Democrat, I'm a Real Martian! North Dakota, we can do better than this in the Senate. (Democratic... [more]

Democratic Party: the Grown-Ups (sticker)
Vote Democratic, and put the grown-ups back in charge. (bumper sticker) [more]

D: The Party (bumper sticker)
D: The Party (Democratic Party bumper sticker) [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

DEM (oval democrat bumper sticker)
DEM (black and white oval democrat bumper sticker) [more]

Barbara Boxer: A Democrat With a Spine
Barbara Boxer: A Democrat With a Spine (bumper sticker) [more]

Wyoming Democrat Bumper Sticker
You're a Wyoming Democrat: say it with buffalo-headed pride! [more]

Seattle Democrat (bumper sticker)
Another Seattle Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

West Virginia Democrat Bumper Sticker
Featuring the design of the Democratic Party's fighting donkey, this blue bumper sticker is for West Virginia Democrats to... [more]

Stop Lies Vote Democrat Bumpersticker
In the 2004 national election, America must vote to stop the lies that come from the Bush Administration. The best way is... [more]

Evan Bayh for President Oval Sticker
This oval bumper sticker goes on your car to show that you support Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh for President in... [more]

Forget the Superdelegates Obama bumper sticker
Forget the superdelegates! They're just Democratic Party insiders, elites who get more power than they deserve. The people... [more]

Madison County Democrat Bumpersticker
This bumper sticker is for the Democrats of Madison County, Illinois. Stand up against the right wing Republicans and their... [more]

Minnesota Democrat Bumper Sticker
In Minnesota, we're used to being out in the cold, but the antics of the Bush White House leave us shivering like never before.... [more]

God: Vote Democrat Bumper Sticker
A vision came to me on mountaintop in the form of a burning Bush. God told me: Vote Democrat! [more]

Country Democrat (bumper sticker)
Country Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

I'm an Arkansas Democrat Bumper Sticker
I'm an Arkansas Democrat! (Bumper Sticker) [more]

Had Enough Democratic Oval bumper sticker
Had Enough? Vote Democratic! Oval bumper sticker [more]

Vote Democrat for Economy Bumpersticker
In their few short years in power, the Republicans have driven a thriving American economy into the ground. It's time for... [more]

Sanford Bishop? bumper sticker
Sanford Bishop's voting and cosponsorship record betrays a conservatism that is out of step with the true progressive Democratic... [more]

Georgia Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it proudly: you're a Georgia Democrat! [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Love America Vote Democrat Bumpersticker
Take back patriotism from Bush's political spin doctors! You know that you love America just as much as any far-right conservative.... [more]

Stop the Lies Vote Democrat red sticker
The infernal red and black clouds of this bumper sticker draw attention to the urgent message: Stop the lies of the Republicans.... [more]

Die Hard Democrat Bumper Sticker
Election Day 2004 was a hard knock, but Democrats are used to hard knocks. Put this bumper sticker on your car to show that... [more]

Jim Maynard for Congress Bumper Sticker
Jim Maynard stands for the core values of the Democratic Party. Maynard stands for freedom and fairness in America, so stand... [more]

South Carolina Democrat Bumpersticker
South Carolina Democrats are fighting back against right wing Republican corruption. Put this bumper sticker on your car... [more]

Republicans for Democrats Bumper Sticker
This Republican says Vote Democrat in 2004! [more]

Just Plain Folks Democrat Bumper Sticker
The Republicans rely on millionaires to get elected, but the Democrats know they can county on just plain folks for their... [more]

Indiana Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it with pride: you're an Indiana Democrat! [more]

Vote Democratic for Grown-Ups (sticker)
Vote Democratic: isn;t it time for a grown-up in the White House? (bumper sticker) [more]

Country Boy Democrat Bumper Sticker
For too long, the Republicans have taken rural America for granted, assuming that we'll fall for their line of bull even... [more]

Proud Ohio Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it out loud: you're a Proud Ohio Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Democrats Against War bumper sticker
Democrats Against War bumper sticker [more]

Kentucky Democrat Bumper Sticker
Kentucky Democrats are the real thing, hard working Americans who see through the Republican sham. Show your neighbors where... [more]

Minnesota Democrat Bumper Sticker
Minnesota is the home of great progressive ideals, personified in the late Senator Paul Wellstone. Be proud of this tradition,... [more]

Is Jim Webb a Democrat? bumper sticker
Can someone please remind Jim Webb that he was supposed to have joined the Democratic Party? Oh, yes, you can, with this... [more]

Tennessee Democrat (Bumper Sticker)
Tennessee Democrat (state flag bumper sticker) [more]

John Kerry for the People Bumper Sticker
Senator Kerry has the most consistently progressive national record of any of the Democratic candidates. A vote for Kerry... [more]

Pro-Troop, Pro-Democrat bumper sticker
I Support Our Troops I Vote Democratic (bumper sticker) [more]

My Family Values Democrats Bumpersticker
Some families value tax cuts for the rich. Not us. My family values the Democrats, for the hard work they put in for ordinary... [more]

Arizona Votes Democrat Bumper Sticker
Arizona is home to the kind of people who don't like to be told by a bunch of fat cats. Arizona stands for real freedom,... [more]

Vote for the Democrat Bumper Sticker
Vote for the Democrat, or your vote goes to Bush (bumper sticker) [more]

D.C. Democrat oval bumper sticker
This dramatic Democratic blue bumper sticker helps you spread the word across Washington D.C. that the Democrats are rising... [more]

Democrat! 3" Lapel Stickers (48 pk)
Start spreading the news! The Democratic party is back and it is strong. Put these Democrat! 3 inch round stickers up all... [more]

Tennessee Democrat Bumper Sticker
Some people say that Tennessee is a pure Republican state. Boy, they don't know the same Tennessee that I know. Prove them... [more]

Vote Change, Vote Democrat (sticker)
Vote for Change, Vote Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

New Hampshire Democrat Bumper Sticker
New Hampshire makes America proud this year as it shows the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats have... [more]

Texas Democrat Oval Bumper Sticker
This oval bumper sticker shows the fighting spirit of the Texas Democrat in the form of the kick ass Democratic mule, rearing... [more]

Carolina Democrat Bumper Sticker
Nothing could be finer than to be a Carolina Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Virginia is for voting Democrat bsticker
Some say Virginia is for lovers. That's fine, but the way that Republicans want to criminalize sex, love becomes political.... [more]

South Dakota Democrat
The Republicans, from the White House on down to our State House, have brought South Dakota nothing but trouble. It's time... [more]

Vote Third Party (bumper sticker)
When the Democratic Party shucks the progressive and liberal agendas, it may be time to vote third party. (bumper sticker) [more]

Vote Democratic or Jesus Will Cry Sticker
Vote Democratic or Jesus will cry. (satirical bumper sticker) [more]

Blue Dog Democrat bumper sticker
A blue dog Democrat is nothing more than a GOP elephant trying to make an ass out of itself. Let the Blue Dogs know you're... [more]

Science, Not Dogma: Vote Democrat!
Science, Not Dogma: Vote Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

Democrats for Peace (bumper sticker)
Democrats for Peace (bumper sticker) [more]

Democrats Against Mark Pryor Bumper Sticker
Arkansas Democratic Senator Mark Pryor takes the support of Democrats for granted, and votes to support every crazy idea... [more]

Democrats for Freedom Bumper Sticker
Vote Democrat. The Democrats have the decency to speak to American's desires for freedom, not their fears of disaster. 2004... [more]

Sheila Jackson-Lee Speaks for Me bumpersticker
Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the most courageous members of Congress there is today. She's told the honest truth about the... [more]

Arizona for Obama bumper sticker
Support Barack Obama as he runs for President in 2008 with this bumper sticker just for Arizona, to help him win the Democratic... [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Washington D.C. Democrat bumper sticker
There is nowhere else in America where it is more important to let people know where you stand. Put this bumper sticker on... [more]

Take Back the House Political Bumper Sticker
Take back a majority in the House of Representives for the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party! (Pro-Liberal, Pro-Democratic... [more]

Wayne County Democrat! Bumper Sticker
Show your Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Proud Democrat Bumper Sticker
Put your feelings in the most basic terms possible: You're proud to be a Democrat, and you'll vote with that pride in every... [more]

Obama-Biden for America (flag bumper sticker)
Against a field of blue, the American flag and the words "Obama-Biden for America" appear on this patriotic... [more]

Alabama Democrat Bumper Sticker
Republicans act like they own Alabama. Let them know you're not Republican property. Display this bumper sticker proudly:... [more]

North Dakota Liberal Car Sticker
This North Dakota liberal bumper sticker has an oval shape that helps it stand out as you deliver the message that North... [more]

Georgia Votes Democrat
No puns about peaches, nothing about Georgia on my mind. Just the plain and simple truth that it's the Democrats who have... [more]

Rectangular Iowa Democrat Sticker
Proudly display your political identity as an Iowa Democrat with this bumper sticker, featuring the feisty kicking blue Democratic... [more]

DEM is for Democrat! Oval Sticker
Proudly display your allegiance in this stylish "European" auto sticker form... [more]

Recall the Truth Democrat Bumper Sticker
Recall is not just a California electoral adventure. Recall is political memory, and those Americans who pay attention have... [more]

Texas Democrat Bumper Sticker
Let everyone know that you're proud to be from Texas, but that you aren't with the likes of George Bush and Tom Delay. [more]

Texas Democrat Oval Sticker
Show the world you love your home state, but you're not with the likes of Tom Delay and George W. Bush. [more]

Proud Illinois Democrat Bumper Sticker
Whether you're from Moline, Oak Park or the Magnificent Mile, this bumper sticker makes it clear to those on your great state's... [more]

Delaware Democrat Bumper Sticker
Say it out loud: "I'm a Delaware Democrat, and Proud of it!" (bumper sticker) [more]

Proud Ohio Red, Proud Democrat Blue
Proud Ohio Red, Proud Democrat Blue (bumper sticker) [more]

North Dakota Democrat Bumper Sticker
With the Democratic Party's fighting donkey, this bumper sticker helps you stand up for progressive American values and support... [more]

Proud Paulding Democrat! Sticker (Bumper
Say it out loud: you're a Proud Paulding Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Hillary Democrat for Obama/Biden Bumper Sticker
You're a Clinton Democrat. You voted for Hillary Clinton. You still support Hillary Clinton. But given the choice between... [more]

Dump Rodney Alexander Bumper Sticker
Louisiana is outraged at Benedict Arnold copycat Rodney Alexander, who stole the chance for a genuine democratic election.... [more]

Oklahoma Democrat Bumper Sticker
Out on the road, we wear a simple badge of pride in the way that we stick up for freedom against fear, even when it isn't... [more]

In bad times, good people vote Democrat
In bad times, good people vote Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

Vermont Democrat! Bumper Sticker
A Vermont Democrat. That's who you are, so say it with pride! (bumper sticker) [more]

Texas Democrat Rectangle Sticker
Texas Democrat Sticker -- show your pride! [more]

Thank Me: I Voted Democrat! sticker
Thank Me: I Voted Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

GOP Removes Teachers Bumper Sticker
Teachers? That's Right, REMOVED by GOP Cuts. Vote Democratic in 2004! [more]

Proud Duluth Democrat bumper sticker
Proud Duluth Democrat (bumper sticker) [more]

Wayne County Democrat bumper sticker
Show your Nebraska Democratic Party pride. Let everyone know you're a Wayne County Democrat! (bumper sticker) [more]

Country Girl Democrat Bumper Sticker
Those of us who live out in the country know that Bush's so-called "economic plan" is little more than a recipe... [more]

Massachusetts Democrat Bumpersticker
Massachusetts Democrats have led America's progressive movement for generations. Be proud and announce your identity as a... [more]

Mississippi Democrat Bumper Sticker
This striking bumper sticker is for Mississippi Democrats who are sick and tired of the Republican Party telling everyone... [more]

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That's an empirically... [more]

Two Accounts of the Green Party
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Republican Jo Ann Davis Getting Unearned Return to Congress
Republican Jo Ann Davis Bumper Stickermore]

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The right side of the field of Democratic candidates for President is starting to get crowded. Four Democrats who plan to run for President made their obeisance to the organization... [more]

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