1,300 Political Buttons and Magnets
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Welcome to the political button and magnet shop of Irregular Times, where we offer approximately 1,300 progressive products to sport on your refrigerator, your jacket or your lapel. Browse through the collections below to find just what you're looking for. Each of our buttons and magnets is made locally and ethically right here in the USA -- in one of our very own attics and basements, to be specific. In the list below, you'll find 2.25 inch buttons, 1.25 inch pins and 2.25 inch magnets, each sturdily made with robust metal backing right here in the USA by the folks who work and write for Irregular Times. 2.25 inch buttons and magnets cost just $2.25 apiece, and our 1.25 inch buttons cost just $1.90 apiece. Add on two bits for shipping and handling via the U.S. Postal Service, and you're ready to go. Payment is processed securely and safely via PayPal.

To find all of the liberal, anti-Republican and Election 2008 buttons and magnets we make and sell, browse through these categories:

State Politics


Homeland Security Follies

Opposition to the Republican Party

Support for a Liberal Democratic Party

Peace and Anti-War


Atheism, Agnosticism and Heresy

Miscellaneous Bits That Won't Fit Elsewhere

Queer Pride


Joseph Biden for President

Hillary Clinton for President

Chris Dodd for President

John Edwards for President

Al Gore for President

Mike Gravel for President

Dennis Kucinich for President

Barack Obama for President

Bill Richardson for President

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