Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers

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When it comes to politics, the Democrats aren't like Snickers -- they sure don't always satisfy you. But at least the Democratic Party occasionally does the right thing. The Republicans, on the other hand, can be guaranteed to deliver a disaster every time. Religious and racial bigotry? That's Republican. Kow-towing to corporate interests? That's Republican. The sex police's prude patrol? That's Republican! Issue your own Declaration of Independence from the GOP with one of these feisty anti-Republican bumper stickers from Irregular Times
Republicans: Astroturf Bumper Sticker
Democrats: Grassroots // Republicans: Astroturf (bumper sticker) [more]

Unity Like it Or Not Bumper Sticker
The Republicans are demanding that all Americans unite behind them and their radical policies. Mock them with this bumper... [more]

Republican Morality Bumper Sticker
This blue bumper sticker declares that the T in Republican stands for Morality. Now, the Republicans will ask, where is the... [more]

Sorry I Voted Republican bumper sticker
I voted Republican, and boy am I sorry! (bumper sticker) [more]

Huckabee a Vote for Ignorance bumpersticker
A vote for Republican presidential Mike Huckabee is a vote for ignorance. We need a President who does not dismiss science... [more]

Mike Doyle Bumper Sticker (Congress)
Mike Doyle stands up to the Republican corporate bosses, fighting for working Americans. Pennsylvania votes Mike Doyle for... [more]

Ohio for Obama bumper sticker
Ohio voters support Barack Obama for President in 2008 because he has a progressive vision for the future that can save America... [more]

Lone Star Liberal Bumper Sticker
Go against the right wing crowd in Texas that marches in lock step with Republican ideology. Declare yourself a lone star... [more]

Alaska Liberal Oval Bumper Sticker
Who says that Alaskans are all Republicans? You know better, so stand up for what you believe in with this oval bumper sticker... [more]

Mitt Romney Flip Flopper Bumper Sticker
On every important issue, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney does the flip flop. Call Romney as he is, a big GOP... [more]

Carolyn McCarthy Congress Bumper Sticker
Carolyn McCarthy is running for Congress, and needs you help. McCarthy stands against the Republican elite, so stand with... [more]

Just Say No to the Party of No Car Sticker
A bumper sticker putting a slash over the Republican Elephant icon, accompanied by the text "Just Say No to the... [more]

West Virginia for Obama bumper sticker
West Virginia voters support Barack Obama for President in 2008 because they are tired of Republican lies and failures. Support... [more]

Don't Assume I Vote Republican (wall graphic)
I may look that way to your jaded eyes. But don't Assume I Vote Republican (repositionable peel and stick wall graphic decal... [more]

Cuts to Hospitals Bumper Sticker
Giveaways to Fatcats and Cuts to Hospitals... the Republicans are At It Again! [more]

Anti-Republican Bumper Sticker
The slash through the Republican Elephant symbol says it all: you are an anti-Republican! (bumper sticker) [more]

Republicans for Peace bumper sticker
Republicans for Peace bumper sticker [more]

We'd Vote Republican! bumper sticker
Come on... if Liberals Really Hated America, We'd Vote Republican! (bumper sticker) [more]

GOP and Veterans Lapel Sticker (48)
The GOP Cut Veterans Benefits! Forget the Republican Party. (Pro-Veteran, Anti-GOP lapel stickers) [more]

Louie Gohmert is Too Extreme bumper sticker
Texas Republican Louie Gohmert is too extreme for Congress, pushing a right wing radical culture war agenda instead of serving... [more]

Fred Thompson is Muggle bumper sticker
Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson is a Muggle, all muddling and no magic, with his corporate financial backers... [more]

Montana for Peace Bumper Sticker
Montana knows how to get tough, but doesn't do it unless necessary. Montana is for peace, and stands against the Republicans'... [more]

Re-elect Bobby Rush Bumper Sticker
Bobby Rush gives Illinois a true progressive voice in Congress. Help take back Congress from the radical Republicans. Support... [more]

Senator Bill Nelson Bumper Sticker
In 2006, Florida has the chance to re-elect Bill Nelson, and block the Republicans from claiming Florida as completely their... [more]

Huckabee is a Vote for Hate Bumper Sticker
Anti-foreigner, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-education, anti-liberty, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is... [more]

Embarrassed Republican bumper sticker
Another Embarrassed Ex-Republican (bumper sticker) [more]

Ron Paul is a Phony bumper sticker
Ron Paul is a phony, irresponsible, radical, kooky. Call him out with this bumper sticker. Haven't we learned better than... [more]

Utah Supports Obama 2012 bumper sticker
America needs a reasonable voice in the White House, not more Republican extremism. Offer a voice of reason with this pro-Obama... [more]

Just Plain Folks Democrat Bumper Sticker
The Republicans rely on millionaires to get elected, but the Democrats know they can county on just plain folks for their... [more]

Republicans are Radical Bumper Sticker
Republicans aren't interested in Conserving anything -- their aim is to trash the government and foist their religious mandates... [more]

Virginia is for voting Democrat bsticker
Some say Virginia is for lovers. That's fine, but the way that Republicans want to criminalize sex, love becomes political.... [more]

Vermont Liberal Bumper Sticker
The conservative Republicans call you a Vermont Liberal, as if that's some bad thing! So tease them and throw it back in... [more]

Michael Stopa Lunatic bumper sticker
Republican congressional candidate Michael Stopa accuses Barack Obama of being an atheist, though Stopa admits he has no... [more]

Better Read Than Dead Bumper Sticker
The Republicans used to chant: Better dead than red! We've learned a little since then, and now we say: Better read than... [more]

Tired of Tim Pawlenty Bumper Sticker
The latest Republican Party has-been to run for President, Tim Pawlenty is representative of a tired, old set of ideas. I'm... [more]

Rick Larsen for Congress Bumper Sticker
Rick Larsen has the courage to stand up to members of the Republican elite like Glenn Coggeshell the Third. Larsen supports... [more]

Alabama Against Huckabee bumper sticker
Mike Huckabee represents the worst of what the Republican Party has to offer. That's why Alabama is against the Huckabee... [more]

Progressive Resistance (48 Stickers)
Join the progressive resistance to the Republican Bush Agenda (48 3" lapel stickers) [more]

I Pay My Dues Taxes Bumper Sticker
What is it about rich Republicans that makes them not want to pay their fair share? I pay my dues proudly. I'm glad to pay... [more]

Allergic to Republicans Bumper Sticker
To me, the GOP has the quality of mold spores and pet dander. I'm allergic to Republicans and their dangerously extremist... [more]

Grassley Don't Know Iowa Bumper Sticker
Where is Chuck Grassley's head? In Washington, where he plays around with the Republican elite more than he pays attention... [more]

Dump Geoff Davis Bumper Sticker
Kentucky Republican Congressman Geoff Davis serves the corporate elite while neglecting the people of Kentucky. Help dump... [more]

Save Christianity Bumper Sticker
Right wing Republicans are giving Christianity a bad name, making all Christians look like nutty zealots. Help save Christianity... [more]

Progressive Resistance Sticker
This bumper sticker meets the need of the day: We need to declare that in the face of a radical Republican government, we... [more]

Alabama Democrat Bumper Sticker
Republicans act like they own Alabama. Let them know you're not Republican property. Display this bumper sticker proudly:... [more]

Organic Farmers for Barack Obama sticker
It's only natural to grow food organically, but Republicans have neglected organic farming in the agricultural economy. That's... [more]

Dutch Ruppersberger Bumper Sticker
Dutch Ruppersberger represents Maryland with distinction in the U.S. Congress, standing up for the interests of working Americans... [more]

Mama Taught Me Better Bumper Sticker
Mama raised me to be responsible, to respect others, and not get into fights. Mama taught me better than to vote Republican. [more]

End Special Tax Favors Bumper Sticker
One of the worst things about the Republican government of the last few years is the way they've created so many special... [more]

The GOP ReLIES on Ignorance wall graphic
The Republican Party relies on you to be ignorant of the truth. Pay attention to what the GOP says and pick out the lies.... [more]

America, not the Homeland Bumper Sticker
What is this Homeland Republicans love to talk about? I don't live in any neo-fascist Homeland. I live in America, where... [more]

Conscience Republican Bumper Sticker
The definition of conscience: that annoying feeling after voting Republican (anti-GOP bumper sticker) [more]

No Brain Cells Left Bumper Sticker
How can we sum up the policies of George W. Bush? No brain cells left behind! That goes for his history of drug use and drinking... [more]

Louis Vandenberg for Congress sticker
Democrat Louis Vandenberg is taking on Republican Ken Calvert, a right winger with a nasty reputation for voting with Tom... [more]

Ben Lujan New Mexico Bumper Sticker
Congressman Ben Lujan can do better for New Mexico: he's better than a Republican alternative, but he can do better to advance... [more]

Republicans Against Fred Thompson Sticker
Join Republicans against Fred Thompson with this bumper sticker determined to stop the campaign of the inexperienced Fred... [more]

War is a Moral Issue Bumper Sticker
The Republican Party keeps on ranting about moral issues. Well, war is a moral issue, isn't it? So, if war is a moral issue,... [more]

Social Security Crisis Bumper Sticker
The Social Security crisis is a hoax. There is no crisis, other than the one the Republicans have invented to try to scare... [more]

Republicans: Bad Apples Bumper Sticker
Democrats: Grassroots // Republicans: Bad Apples (bumper sticker) [more]

If You Aren't Outraged (bumper sticker)
If you aren't Outraged, you've probably been Paying Off a Republican (bumper sticker) [more]

Ed Markey for Congress Bumper Sticker
Congressman Ed Markey is a strong voice for working Americans, and the Republican elite is trying to stop him from speaking... [more]

Giuliani is a Muggle bumper sticker
Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani is a muggle, mundane with no magic. Mock Rudy Giuliani and his pedestrian... [more]

Obama True Blue bumper sticker
Barack Obama is a true blue Democrat, supporting core progressive Democratic Party values in the face of Republican collaborationists.... [more]

California Blue State Bumper Sticker
California is a strong blue state, voting for freedom, not the Republican agenda of fear. Put this bumper sticker on your... [more]

GOP: We torture but we're not gay (wall decal)
This wall graphic for your apartment or dorm room sums up the "Vote GOP" appeal: sure, we torture, but... [more]

Iowa Democrat Oval Bumper Sticker
Kick back against the Republican agenda of fear and greed with this oval Iowa Democrat bumper sticker, featuring the blue... [more]

Tim Bishop for Congress Bumper Sticker
Tim Bishop is running for Congress, and needs you help. Bishop stands against the Republican elite, so stand with Bishop... [more]

Eric Cantor Out of Congress bumper sticker
Help to get Republican Eric Cantor out of Congress by putting this bumper sticker on your car. [more]

Alabama for Obama bumper sticker
Alabama voters support Barack Obama for President because they are tired of the lies and failures of the Republican Party.... [more]

Reject Mike Rogers Bumper Sticker
Congressman Michael Rogers is part of the radical Republican elite, that group of wealthy reactionaries who insult working... [more]

Annoy a Republican: Think (political wall graphic)
Annoy a Republican: Think for Yourself (anti-GOP, pro-thinking movable politics wall decal) [more]

South Dakota Progressive
We don't need to get in eachother's faces about it, but there are a lot of us progressives in South Dakota, more than the... [more]

American Liberal Oval Car Sticker
This round bumper sticker is for liberals across America who are tired of Republicans telling them to sit down and shut up.... [more]

Colorado Liberal Oval Car Sticker
This oval bumper sticker dramatically draws the eye with its patriotic design, and announces you as not a member of the Republican... [more]

No Richard Shelby Bumper Sticker
Richard Shelby has been playing around in Washington with the Republican elite for so long, he's forgotten what it's like... [more]

Lincoln Would Be Ashamed bumper sticker
They used to call the Republican Party the party of Lincoln. But Abraham Lincoln would be ashamed of today's Republican Party... [more]

John Yarmuth for Congress Bumpersticker
Kentucky is sick and tired of the same old lies from the Republican elites. The time has come for Kentucky to vote for truth... [more]

Restore Government Science. Elect Obama.
Scientists put this political bumper sticker on their cars because Republican government has made science political. Help... [more]

The GOP ReLIES on Ignorance bumper sticker
The Republican Party relies on you to be ignorant of the truth. Pay attention to what the GOP says and pick out the lies.... [more]

Minnesota for Obama bumper sticker
Minnesota voters support Barack Obama for President with this bumper sticker because they are tired of Republican excuses... [more]

Elephant Pees on Liberty (bumper sticker)
When Republican Elephants take a leak, they pee all over our civil liberties. (Political Bumper Sticker) [more]

Huckabee is evolution backwards bumpersticker
This bumper sticker challenges the literacy and scientific knowledge of the supporters of Republican Mike Huckabee. Huckabee... [more]

Massachusetts for Obama bumper sticker
Massachusetts supports Barack Obama for President in 2008 because Massachusetts voters are tired of Republican failures.... [more]

South Carolina Against Bachmann bumper sticker
Michele Bachmann wants to take the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, but South Carolina has other ideas. Join South... [more]

Ed Perlmutter Campaign Bumper Sticker
Support the Ed Perlmutter for Congress campaign with this bumper sticker, to help the good people of Colorado to stand up... [more]

Alabama Green Party Bumper Sticker
In a Southern state like Alabama, there's practically no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Support a... [more]

Shays must go bumper sticker
Congressman Christopher Shays has aligned himself with the most extremist elements of the Republican Party - not what Connecticut... [more]

Love Children for Kucinich bumper sticker
Stand up against the politics of hate and fear from the Republican Party with this bumper sticker that identifies you as... [more]

California Against Huckabee bumpersticker
California, Republican and Democrat alike, knows a snake oil salesman when it sees one. Mike Huckabee is clearly that kind... [more]

Oberstar? Disappointment bumper sticker
Jim Oberstar has been elected to the U.S. Congress as a Democrat. So why is he voting like a Republican? What a disappointment.... [more]

Grow Your Own Dope (War) Bumper Sticker
Grow Your Own Dope: Plant a Republican War Planner [more]

Proud Idaho Democrat Bumper Sticker
For too long, Republicans have taken Idaho for granted. We need to show them that Idaho wants a choice, and choose freedom... [more]

Don't Assume I Vote Republican (Sticker)
Don't Assume I Vote Republican (bumper sticker) [more]

Jeb Hensarling is a Corporate Darling sticker
Texas Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling does the bidding of the big corporations that fund his campaigns. His constituents... [more]

Vote Third Party for Change bumper sticker
Republicans? Mostly inane. Democrats? More of the same. Vote Third Party for a change (independent bumper sticker) [more]

Fear Won Bumper Sticker
The 2004 elections were a contest between the politics of freedom and the politics of fear. Republicans gained seats in Congress... [more]

Torture is Republican Bumper Sticker
Torture is not American ... It's Republican! (anti-torture, anti-Republican bumper sticker) [more]

Republicans Cut Veterans Bumper Sticker
Send Kids to War...Cut Veterans' Benefits...Republicans are At It Again! [more]

Mommy Loves Me Too Much Stickers
An American Flag Crayon Drawing accompanies the scrawled words, "Mommy Loves Me Too Much To Vote Republican."... [more]

Resist the Dark Side (bumper sticker)
Resist the Dark Side: Stop Voting Republican (bumper sticker) [more]

Republican Visionary Oxymoron bumper sticker
The phrase Republican Visionary is an oxymoron: the GOP has no vison. (Anti-Republican bumper sticker) [more]

Illinois Anti-war Bumper Sticker
Illinois is sick of the lies from the Republicans, so Illinois is against the war. Stand up to Bush's lies with this antiwar... [more]

Nebraska Republican Bumper Sticker
Nebraska has seen how dangerous Republicans can be when they get a monopoly on power. Put this bumper sticker on your car... [more]

Which Stains Matter Bumper Sticker
Which sort of stains bother you more? Ask a Republican! [more]

Grow Your Own Dope Bumper Sticker
Grow Your Own Dope: Plant a Republican in the White House [more]

John Sullivan Bumper Sticker
Oklahoma Republican Congressman John Sullivan gets this bumper sticker because he always chooses corporate interests and... [more]

Eat Homeland Security? Bumper Sticker
Well, say America's Republican rulers, if the economy is so bad for working people, let them eat homeland security! The GOP... [more]

Republican is a Hate Word Bumper Sticker
Republican is a Hate Word Bumper Sticker [more]

Ask Gene Taylor Bumper Sticker
Gene Taylor was elected in Mississippi as a Democrat, so how come he acts like a Republican? Gene Taylor voted against the... [more]

Like Jesus Would vote Republican wall graphic
Yeah, like Jesus would own a Gun and vote Republican! Right (anti-GOP vinyl repositionable wall decal) [more]

Hate, Lies, Greed Bumper Sticker
Hate. Lies. Greed. That's the Republican Way. [more]

GOP Sends Kids to War Bumper Sticker
Sending Kids to War... Cutting Veterans' Benefits... Republicans are At It Again! [more]

Go Back to TV Land Fred Thompson
Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson seems to think that politics and government is as simple as being an actor... [more]

Jim Clyburn for Congress Bumpersticker
Jim Clyburn wins the respect of South Carolina by standing up to the dangerous ideas of the Republican elite. He stands for... [more]

Rand Paul is too Extreme for Senate bumper sticker
Republican libertarian Rand Paul is running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, but he's much too extreme to serve in high public... [more]

Huckabee Right Wing Radical Sticker
Arkansas Governor Republican Mike Huckabee wants to be the next President of the United States of America, but he is a dangerous... [more]

Massachusetts Liberal Bumper Sticker
They call you a Massachusetts liberal. They're right, so why not just flaunt it right back in their face! Tease Republicans... [more]

If you can read this Bumper Sticker
If you can read this, you're too smart to vote Republican. [more]

Republicans Cut Teachers Bumper Sticker
Giveaways to Fatcats and Cuts for Teachers... the Republicans are At It Again! [more]

Carly Fiorina is a Corporate Tool bumper sticker
In California, Republican Carly Fiorina is preparing to campaign against Barbara Boxer for United States Senate. Help stop... [more]

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Ten Democrats Vote Against High Speed Rail and Reasonable Housing
Sometimes, there's a bill that manages to appeal to the best aspects of what the Democratic and Republican parties are supposed to stand for, and yet fails to gather support from certain members of both... [more]

Raul Labrador Paid To Campaign By Washington D.C. Insiders
Republican congressional candidate Raul Labrador "I am not somebody who came from Washington, D.C., to be put down in front of the people of Idaho just because I could speak pretty." more]

Shadegg Steps Forward For Billfish
Republicans are generally opposed to legislative action to take care of environmental concerns, favoring instead industrial economic interests. As an example, we could look at U.S. Representative John... [more]

In Texas, the Name of Corruption is DeLay
From top to bottom, Republican politicians all over America are using their power to place themselves above the law. At the top, there's the infamous example of now-Attorney General... [more]

What Happened to My Freedom of Information Act Request?
It was way back in April that I made my Freedom of Information Act request of the FBI, asking... [more]

The Lone Wolf Campaign Predators of 2010
The election season of 2010 has seen an explosion of independent expenditures for and against congressional candidates, and the donors to the groups that mount these independent expenditures... [more]

Yet another reason to oppose Katherine Harris
Republican U. S. Representative Katherine Harris wants to represent Florida in the United States Senate, but faces extreme... [more]

John McCain Lets Supporters Down on Habeas Corpus
The presidential campaign of Republican John McCain has yet to acknowledge, much less explain, why he voted in 2006 to take... [more]

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