2/17/17: President Donald Trump has worked 0 days without losing his temper on Twitter
2/17/2017: The extent of Antarctic sea ice has set record lows for each calendar day of the year 2017, according to National Snow and Ice Data Center data.
1/7/17: Read the declassified report on Russian spies sent to attack the USA on Donald Trump’s behalf
2/17/17: It has been 1005 days since Donald Trump first promised to release his tax returns (Source: Ireland AM).  The Trump Tax March is asking people to do something about it.
1/30/17: 18 new web pages at Neo-Nazi Stormfront site w/ declaration “Support Trump” appear in just two days. Total “Support Trump” pages at Stormfront: 918
Heidi Heitkamp Joe Manchin and Donald Trump

Heitkamp and Manchin Join Republican Attacks Against the EPA

February 19, 2017 0

Friday saw the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Donald Trump’s Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt’s selection is regarded as the most absurd in the history of the EPA, because as Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt has served the interests of big oil and […]

Donald Trump Sweden terrorist attack

Trump Warns About What Happened In Sweden Last Night

February 18, 2017 0

“Look at what’s happening last night in Sweden! Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden!” This was the warning that came from Donald Trump today at his campaign rally in Florida – more than three months after the end of his presidential campaign. So, in the […]

American Terrorist Attack Risk Index: 0

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  • Donald Trump is the Upside Down of Stranger Things
    This week, when David Cicilline rose to express resistance to the cruel fascism being imposed by the White House under Donald Trump, he invoked the sinister threat depicted in the TV show Stranger Things. Cicilline explained, “Like the main characters in ‘Stranger Things,’ we are
  • Enemies of the People
    Enemies of the People: The New York Times: “ON Feb. 15, 1937, Eugenia Ginzburg – a teacher, a writer for the newspaper Red Tartary, a loyal Communist and the wife of a Kazan Party Secretary – was arrested by the N.K.V.D., as Stalin’s secret police
  • Republican Congress Passes Bill To Send Alaskan Ecosystems Careening Out Of Control
    Up until now, the policy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been to allow hunting of predators such as bears and wolves in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges only when the hunting has been demonstrated to be “based on sound science and in response