2/23/17: President Donald Trump has worked 0 days without losing his temper on Twitter
2/23/2017: The extent of Antarctic sea ice has set record lows for each calendar day of the year 2017, according to National Snow and Ice Data Center data.
1/7/17: Read the declassified report on Russian spies sent to attack the USA on Donald Trump’s behalf
2/23/17: It has been 1011 days since Donald Trump first promised to release his tax returns (Source: Ireland AM).  The Trump Tax March is asking people to do something about it.
1/30/17: 18 new web pages at Neo-Nazi Stormfront site w/ declaration “Support Trump” appear in just two days. Total “Support Trump” pages at Stormfront: 918

Senate Republicans Vote To Help Corporations Hide Violations Of The Law

March 7, 2017 0

Yesterday, the United States Senate barely passed legislation that encourages corporations to violate the rights of their employees, to break the law, and to hide that information from the public. The Federal Acquisition Regulation for Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces didn’t require anything unreasonable. It […]

American Terrorist Attack Risk Index: 0

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  • Jared Kushner Caught Money Laundering
    “The Deutsche Bank has evidence that the real estate investor Jared Kushner or related companies or persons in their business could have laundered suspicious money through Deutsche Bank.” That’s the opening line from an article in the German publication Manager Magazin. “Suspicious” and “troubling” transactions
  • A Tacky New Low: Advertising On My Receipt
    Will my food be cooked with little commercial messages printed on every bite? Will my fork and knife have corporate sponsors?
  • On Eve Of USA Shutdown, Congress Introduces Resolution Celebrating Magic
    The Republican-controlled U.S. Congress can’t manage to prevent the federal government of the USA from shutting down, but the lower House of Congress has managed to supervise the introduction of a resolution declaring that ”magic is an art form with the unique power and potential to impact the lives of all people”. Oh, Priorities.